If you are looking to improve your website presence for a specific keyword, you've come to the right place. I offer to write do-follow backlink articles for your website with target keyword; the blog post will contain one "target keyword" to your website, which can improve your website's search presence.

Yes, if you need more organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, etc; you have to work on your backlinks. For example: Let's say you have an orthopedic footwear website, and you want your site to appear on Google for that specific keyword "orthopedic footwear". When someone performs a search like "Hey, i''m looking for orthopedic footwear", and Google looks up the entire internet, and finds the one who has the most references by far. In this case it is a keyword, so Google finds the most referenced websites on the internet for that specific keyword and sorts them by Page Ranks and positions your website in their search results.

To understand more clearly, look at the screenshot of a blog post below; here I'm referencing a website called happpywalk.in as a clickable link inside the target keyword "orthopedic footwear"

So when Google looks up that keyword, the site inside that keyword will get a reference. The more references you have, the better chance of positioning to website at the top of the search results.

  1. do-follow example. ✅ (Must buy - improves your website search presence) <a href="narenkram.com">Narendra's Miniblog</a>
  2. no-follow example. ❌ (Avoid - does nothing) <a rel="no-follow" href="narenkram.com">Narendra's Miniblog</a>

The no-follow links are wildly used by popular websites to intentionally tell the search engines to avoid Passing PageRank, so they won't impact their own search engine rankings. It's important to know there maybe other factors at play, to decide the positioning of your site at top of the search results based on the search engine's algorithm.

  • Buy a paid do-follow backlink article at 800 INR/Month for first 3 months, after that you will be billed at 600 INR/Month
  • Buy multiple, do-follow backlinks for your websites/apps/products-review blog posts, billed by the hours spent. 800 INR/Hour.

Note: I accept payments in crypto, UPI, credit and debit cards. To buy, email your content and information to miniblog@narenkram.com. Be sure to mention "buy paid backlink" in the email subject line.

Previous Work Result:

By the time I am writing this blog post, my primary target keyword, "orthopedic footwear" has an average search volume of 100 to 1000 in monthly searches in India.

High Competition Keyword

With just two do-follow backlinks from my website, I was able to achieve the 4th position in Google search results for a project called HappyWalk. Since this website is a top level domain, it also adds some value to the referred domain. (Increases DA - Domain Authority). The first four websites are giant e-commerce websites as seen in the video above; beating their positions may be difficult; but achievable. For now, my next SEO keyword target for HappyWalk website is "diabetic footwear" which has over two thousand search volume monthly.

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