Getting started with Upwork is easy if you already have a client, but it's not so easy to get approval for your account when you are new to the platform. Only approved account are eligible to submit proposals for jobs.

Getting rejected by Upwork in an email is frustrating, here's how I got approval for my Upwork account. I have been trying for almost six months to get approval on my Upwork account, finally got the license a month ago.

Things to do before submitting for approval on Upwork

  1. Get your account verified (Live video identity verification by Upwork agent)
  2. Create a minimum of one specialized profile.
  3. Update portfolio with a minimum of 4 projects
  4. Certifications - optional
  5. Other Experiences - optional
  6. Education - Add at least one
  7. Get Paid - Add a bank account
  8. Connected Services - at least one
  9. Email - Use a work email (not Gmail, Outlook, iCloud)

Complete your profile with a 100% completion rate.

A friend of mine was new to Upwork. He just joined Upwork and submitted for approval and got approved immediately. I asked for his profile link to go through with it. I noticed it was all the same thing I have filled and trying except one thing, in the employment history, he wrote about his previous employment and experiences, which in particularly made his profile stand-out from other freelancers; he had something unique to offer the clients; I never tried writing about my earlier experiences in my profile. So I gave it a try, and immediately got my account approved on Upwork. I have attached the link for my profile below. I have not updated anything since the approval. So, if you have been facing the same issue, try this idea.

Here is my approved Upwork profile link.

Never copy/paste from other profiles; it will never work. Write your own words.

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