I have lost count on how many times I have redesigned my personal website. As a freelancer when you approach a client, you need to establish a sense of trust, show who you are or in other words “can this guy do the job? what’s his story?”; and your personal website should clarify that.

What I learned?

When you make a personal website from templates or other people’s design, you may not always get it right. Because it was never originally designed for you. The same applies even if you build it from scratch by copying someone’s idea.

I had rebuilt my personal website so many times until I was satissfied, lets say approximately around 20-30 times. So if you are beginner in freelancing, don’t worry; you are probably going to do the same until your site starts getting conversions.

👇Here is my product.

Lance | Personal Website template

As of now 60 people have downloaded my personal website template.

1️⃣ Design File Link 🎨

2️⃣ Source Code Link ⌨️

I’m no motivational speaker! But I’ll say this.

Keep doing what you know until you get it right and it can automatically help you find the thing you love to do.

By the way, my personal website template is absolutely free, feel free to download. If you love the work, show your appreciation by tweet.

What's next?

I have been desiging a e-commerce template in Figma, I’m thinking of selling it at resonable price. Will write about that when I publish it.

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