🔥 Having a firewall that works as we expect is crucial in-order to protect yourself and the private data you have stored on your PC. If you are a Windows user, you must have a firewall that gives you control.

Let's say you have a security camera 📹 installed in your home, so that you will get a notification whenever someone is at your door even if you are not home. The security camera records who comes in and goes out of your home. For example if your door camera sees a stranger, it can keep the doors locked to protect and prevent them from entering your house. A Firewall is just like that, it can monitor and control the network traffic for your PC; controlling which apps can send and receive information via the internet connection.

👉 Here is meme comparison between the Windows firewall & Henry++ firewall (simplewall):

🔒 When an app tries to access the internet, the windows firewall does not do anything, but if you are using henry++'s simplewall (firewall); you will see a popup like the one below.

As you can see no apps can access the internet, even the operating system itself gets blocked from accessing the internet. Henry++'s Simplewall gives you the complete control of your PC's internet connection.

Here is official website and download link for the Most Effective Windows Firewall - Henry++'s Simplewall

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